Thursday, September 3, 2009


selepas kami bertungkus lumus ( hehehe...)
alhamdulillah inilah hasil kerja kami..
bukan sekadar tontonan,tapi jadikan iktibar..

p/s : sahabat2,takut la tengok mayat tu..huhuhuh..


The picture above is taken from Adobe Photoshop are used primarily to repair this old picture and thus, transformed it to look new; using grayscale mode, crop tool, clone stamp tool, and dodge tool.


Some examples:

Size: (750 x 150 pixels)

Adobe Photoshop


1st attempt

2nd attempt

3rd attempt

After 3rd attempts, we managed to create our group poster and realized that, what is the most important to make this poster successful is by being creative and dare to explore. Using Adobe Photoshop is something new to us. However, that’s not an issue for us and finally, we have made it!!!! (n_n) Yayyy..congrats to us! (This is showing off u see? Hahah)


Hi! (^_^) I’m NUR AISYAH BINTI MOHD SALEH. Most people call me Aisyah. I’m 20-year-old, 1st year student of International Islamic University Malaysia majoring in teaching Arabic as a second language course (TAASL) and inshaAllah will be graduated after 4 years.(waaa..So long) إن شاء الله، سأنجح

This semester, my friends and I are taking Instructional Technology as one of our subjects. The lecturer is Dr. Sharifah Sariah Binti Syed Hasan. Entering our 1st class session on 17th July 2009 really made my heart trembling. (ha? but why Aisyah?? why?? *high pitch voice*).This is because of my 1st impression towards Dr.Sharifah Sariah that she must be very strict and fierce, and actually that are all totally wrong. She is the nicest teacher I’ve ever met. Kindhearted, tolerate and very committed in her work are all her attitudes. *Madam, extra mark on this statement could u? =) heeeee*

I love this subject very much as I had learnt a lot from it especially about IT. Now I know that IT is all about exploring and it is very fun and easy. (Yeah easy, but what make it hard is when it come to loads of projects, (-_-“) hahah) After 6 classes being taught by her, now I could create my own movie using Windows Movie Maker, edit picture, patch up old picture, design web banner and poster all by using Adobe Photoshop, launch blog and last but not least, invent my own website using Microsoft Office Publisher. After all I have gone trough, I have to say that I love IT very much!! (^_^)

Anyway, the owners of this lovely blog are me myself and my friend Mimi Nor Syahudda Binti Setapani. Someone asked: (Aisyah, what is the purpose of launching this blog?) My answer: Yeah, in this blog, we will post every project that we had done (and also our attempts to do the project!!). If I am not mistaken, this blog holds 60 % of our marks. (That’s a lot!!). Hopefully, all our effort will be paid inshaAllah. Do pray for both of us. That’s all from me ~

P/s: the one written in PURPLE are not really important! (^_^)


Assalamualaikum ..

Happy ramadan…

I’m MIMI NOR SYAHUDDA BT SETAPANI, B.ED TAASL IIUM (UIAM). First and foremost, I would like thank to my IT lecturer, MADAM SYARIFAH SARIAH who has taught me a new knowledge about IT. And my group partner AISYAH, who work hard to complete our project. My first impression to this subject is negative because I don’t know even a single thing about it. Besides, MADAM SYARIFAH is one of my interviewer and she’s make me afraid to her. But, my impression become positive when I started class and learning about it.

First thing that I learnt is to create a poster and make sure that poster can attract people to know about it. And a poster must have a theme that we want to promote. We started to create our poster when MADAM ask us to start the project. This task quite difficult to us since it is our first project. First poster had being commented by madam and it courage us to make a new one and it’s acceptable. it all about patriotism. Then, we learnt how to make a blog. Purpose of the blog is to publish our project and to share the knowledge about IT. To me, create a blog more easy compared to poster, and it is enjoyable. Before, I don’t have any blog, but since I learn IT, I have one and it is new experience to me. Consequence to this blog, madam had taught us how to make a banner which is the important part of this blog. Our first banner is sparkling and not suitable with blog. Madam ask us to make a new one. The second one is ok, but it did not fix with blog’s layout and we need to changes our layout to make it fix with banner.

After that, madam had taught us how to make a movie maker and make it more interesting. The part of movie maker that I like most is when we record our voice, it seems funny but enjoyable,our movie maker talk about ‘solat jenazah”. And the tiring part of our task is touch up a broken and old picture. It teach us to be a focus person, we must be careful and beware with our step to make sure our task perfect. When we have done all our project and task, we must publish it at our blog and other can comment on our project to make sure that our task is the perfect one. In fact, these task and project train us to be patient teacher and it also train us to deal and teaching our future student with variable teaching method, not only based on text books. Honestly, it gave me a lot of benefit and new experience and as a result, makes me more appreciate technology. Crap, lasso tool , warp , banner , blog , setting ,and a lot of it term’s become familiar to me.

Thank again to madam and my partner and for those who help me and make my mind clear about this subject. Everyone can learn it whoever they are and don’t be afraid to learn something new and practice it as well. Thank again.. And this blog will present all of our IT projects, enjoy with it…